Returns Policy

Product returns

Product returnsProduct returns from bids are not refundable.

Product return is available upon request at and within 14 days of receiving the order.

Product return is accepted only if the products are intact or used, in their original package and without any trace of usage, hit or damage.

We make every effort to ensure the quality of our shipments, by checking in 3 different stages the order in both items and quality of shipment.

Order Cancellation

Orders are canceled within 24 hours of paymet. Money is refunded without any possible deduction from the payment provider (paypal, viva, money safe etc.)

Refund Charge

If the order was sent by our fault, then you can send the order back to us with the same way as you received it, by the respective mail, registerd under the number sending.

If you wish to return the order (according to the above terms) the sender (customer) will be charged regardless of the shipment method.

In both cases, the return takes place in agreement and after having informed us.

Refund after shipment return

Money is refunded if we receive the order and check its completness within 30 calendar days with the choses payment method of the order.

Money refund is made on the current product price on the credit day and not on the market price.